truaudio fine speakers

Why TruAudio?

We want you to know why TruAudio is different from all the rest.
TruAudio was founded upon the idea that a quality, custom, home theater or multi-room audio installation requires a professional. Having begun as custom installers ourselves, we continuously strive to be the type of speaker manufacturing company with whom, we would like to do business. It is from these observations that we built the soul of our company and give you the following promises and commitments.
TruAudio is only sold through an authorized dealer network.
TruAudio is NOT sold over the Internet
TruAudio quality allows us to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our speaker products. (Electronic Products - 1Yr, Outdoor Products including Rock Speakers - 5Yr).
Innovation is a constant effort at TruAudio. That's why we have won many industry awards for our designs.
Our commitment to outstanding customer service will be matched by no one.
For more information on TruAudio products and how installing TruAudio can benefit your home or business, please contact our sales team at 888-858-1555 or click on the applicable link below.

Please Note:
TruAudio product sold on any internet auction sites is not sold by a TruAudio Certified Dealer. If so, that Certified Dealer is in direct violation of the agreement signed with TruAudio.
Any TruAudio product bought any way but through a TruAudio Certified Dealer will have NO warranty, no matter what the seller says. TruAudio will not honor any of these warranty claims. This DOES include any TruAudio product bought on any internet auction sites.
TruAudio has a great Network of Certified Dealers across the country to help in the design and installation of your TruAudio Products and other Home Entertainment equipment. You can call our Toll Free number at 888.858.1555 or use the "Find a TruAudio Dealer" link below to promptly receive a list of our dealers in your area.