The W-TX and W-RX have Digital 5.8 GHz audio transmission for the cleanest signal, least interference with other devices, and longest range. Fantastic sound quality with no static. A perfect pair for any of our soundbars!

The wireless receiver mounts with innovative clip that can be easily installed to the back of all Truaudio subs for a clean install. No boxes on top of the sub or on the floor behind it tangled in wires just mounted cleanly on the back of the sub.

Part Number: W-KIT

Key Features

  • 5.8 GHz
    • Cut down on unwanted interference.
    • Long range up to 50 meters.
  • Flexible Sub Placement
    • Place any sub in a room and go wireless.
    • One W-TX transmitter can connect to eight W-RX receivers.
  • Clean Install
    • Hide the W-RX receiver behind any sub with our innovative mount.
Black Replacement Grill for Trunami Subwoofer. Sold each.
Part Number: GR-TRUNAMI-BK

White Replacement Grill for Trunami Subwoofer. Sold each.
Part Number: GR-TRUNAMI-WT

Replacement grill for the CSUB-10 subwoofer.
Part Number: GR-CSUB-10

Replacement grill for the CSUB-12 subwoofer.
Part Number: GR-CSUB-12

Replacement grill for the PS-10 subwoofer.
Part Number: GR-PS-10

Replacement grill for the PS-12 subwoofer.
Part Number: GR-PS-12

Replacement grill for the PS-8 subwoofer.
Part Number: GR-PS-8

Replacement grill for the CSUB-8 subwoofer.
Part Number: GR-CSUB-8