Standard 10-32 rack screws with self-guiding pilot points, Includes nylon washer. Sold in plastic bottles of 100 pieces.
Part Number: R-SCRWS-B100
Our design focus for the TruPlug was to give you the absolute best wire connection possible - better than any other banana plug out there! 

The TruPlug has a variety of innovations to ensure that you enjoy a solid wire connection for clean, realistic sound.

We also made the TruPlug extremely versatile, small enough to fit into tighter installs and easy to handle when when using multiple plugs.  

Finally, we designed the TruPlug ourselves. This is NOT an off-the-shelf, me-too banana plug.

Part Number: BP-12P

  • FULL threading for absolute wire connection
  • Custom-tooled flange for maximum mushrooming wire connectivity
  • Just two parts and one connection - less potential failure
  • Press-fit tip (uniwelded)
  • Strong, long-lasting Spring Tension vs. standard fluting
  • Accommodates 22 gauge up to 10 gauge wire
  • Gold plated inside and out for superior signal pass through
  • Smaller and thinner for tighter install and ease of use
  • Custom engineered specifically for TruAudio
Four-connection ground for electrical safety. Mounts easily into rack's bottom panel
Part Number: R-GROUND