Simplify configuration and ordering by ordering your rack frame and most common accessories with one simple part number. Rack does not ship pre-assembled.

Now includes BoraGear Kona cooling fans!

Stealth Series Medium Includes:
- Stealth Series 20U, 24-inch deep rack frame
- (3) R-SHELF-2U
- (2) R-VENTP-2U
- (1) R-SCRWS-B100
- (1) BG-KON-102
Part Number: RSS-BNDL-20U

Included Part Numbers: (1) R-LCRLBAR-H, (1) R-SCRWS-B100, (3) R-SHELF-2U, (2) R-VENTP-2U, (1) RSS-CASTERBASE, (1) RSS-FRM-20U24

A full line of 19 home theater equipment racks to add the right finishing touch to any job. Finally, an affordable racking solution that is not only durable, but looks good enough to put in the middle of a room.

- Use Stealth Series when a custom look is needed, along with superior strength to support serious installations
- Heavy-duty design supports up to 1500 lbs.
- 20U - 44U contoured corner front and rear posts with numbered spaces
- Designed to stand alone, rest on casters, or slide out from the wall
- Ships knockdown for easy delivery and assembly
Part Number: RSS-FRM-20U24

Included Part Numbers: (1) RSS-BOT-24, (1) RSS-EXTF/R-20U, (1) RSS-TOP-24

Use the Thin Line when space is tight or multiple racks need to be ganged together
- Ultra-thin, only 19 1/8 wide (20 3/8 wide with side panels)
- Sturdy 13-gauge top and bottom panels provide strength and stability
- 11-gauge front and rear rack rails with numbered spaces (10-32 threaded)
- Includes front top and front bottom trim panels
- Ships knockdown for easy delivery and assembly Updates to the Thin Line Series 2 Rack Frames include: - Realignment of rails against the top and bottom panel, enabling rails to be cut at any desired U-space interval and still install seamlessly into top and bottom panels - Snap-in clips added to top and bottom panels for easy one-person installation of the rack frame - Support for new locking rear panels (RTL-RP-XXU) - Updated door installation design so that rack sits flush with the ground when door is installed, and top attachment bracket does not stick up above the top of the rack - Ability to lock doors when no side panels are installed - Ability to install plate-style casters - Reinforced threaded screw holes for improved connection between the top and bottom panels and the rails - Large knockout added to bottom panel for increased cabling flexibility - Widened side holes in rails for convenient use with zip ties - Additional holes and slots in top and bottom panels for use with cable management straps - New-look trim panels for improved branding and installer customization
Part Number: RTL2-FRM-20U20

Included Part Numbers: (1) RTL2-BOT-20, (1) RTL2-RAIL-20U, (1) RTL2-TOP-20

Use the Wall Mount Relay Rack for mounting telecom or A/V equipment when space is at a premium
- 8U, 12U, 16U, and 20U racking height options to accommodate most installation environments
- 18 inch depth accommodates most rack-mountable equipment
- Double-plated rear mount surfaces allow solid mounting capacity of up to 200 lbs.
- Ultra-thin, only 19 1/8 inches wide (20 3/8 inches wide with side panels)
- 11-gauge rack rails with numbered spaces (10-32 threaded)
- Includes top and front bottom front trim plates
- Ships knockdown for easy delivery and assembly
Part Number: RWR2-FRM-20U18

Included Part Numbers: (1) RWR2-RAIL-20U, (1) RWR2-T/B-18