Feb 7

The Sound of Innovation

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Todd Packard
11:46 am MST

TruAudio Creates New Tagline:

Emphasizes History, Philosophy and Focus

ST. GEORGE---February 7, 2013— TruAudio has adopted a new company tagline to better reflect its past, its current product line and the focus for its new product development going forward. TruAudio will use the tagline “The Sound of Innovation”.   


Bryan Garner, President at TruAudio, calls it a “no-brainer”. “Adding the tagline ‘The Sound of Innovation’ seemed logical given what we’ve done in the past, how our current products are differentiated in the marketplace, and how we want to position ourselves for the future,” he said.

TruAudio introduced the first frameless speaker to the audio industry in 2008, calling it the Ghost Series. Using a magnetic grill rather than the standard friction fit, the Ghost had a mere 2 millimeter reveal that virtually disappeared in the installation environment.

The frameless Ghost represented a revolutionary change to the audio industry that was quickly adopted by the majority of speaker companies. But the Ghost also represented a much quicker, easier install for integrators.

That approach to innovation typifies TruAudio’s focus. While always looking for the revolutionary change, it’s the smaller, more practical innovations that make up TruAudio’s bread and butter. Some of their recent product introductions typify that practical approach.

Working with their authorized dealers in Europe, TruAudio designed an in-ceiling speaker that would come pre-mounted with a specially-tuned back box and be thin enough (measuring 2.38” in total depth) to fit in the concrete wall construction that typifies the european market. TruAudio introduced the

However, TruAudio also incorporated innovations in the THIN (such as flush dog ears) giving it the smallest footprint of any 5” architectural speaker. Consequently, US integrators use the THIN for obstructed installs. Anytime an integrator runs into wiring, piping - or HVAC ducting - that would prevent proper speaker placement for optimal sound, the THIN is the answer.

The SLIM-300 Soundbar, introduced in 2012, is also a new product that captures the “Sound of Innovation”. With a single-body aluminum extruded housing that measures just 2.2 inches in depth, the SLIM will match the flattest flatscreens. The SLIM also has six 3.5” glass fiber active drivers and three 1” titanium tweeters with a crossover tuned to the enclosure for impressive sound.

But, again, there are innovations in the SLIM-300 Soundbar that also focus on the integrator. The SLIM has been designed with both a cable trough and mounting track that keeps wiring tucked away and allows the integrator to flush mount the SLIM with zero-gap on the wall. Plus, integrators can hang the SLIM in less than two minutes!

Garner says more innovations are in TruAudio’s product pipeline. “The spherical SAT3 satellite speaker that uses neodynium magnets for innovative omni-directional sound positioning will be re-introduced this month. The aFrame Acoustic Artwork is really unique, allowing end-users to wrap a high fidelity stereo system in their favorite piece of art and play it from their Bluetooth device. That will be introduced next month. We’re excited!”

That’s the Sound of Innovation!