Mar 18

TruCruise 2014 Recap

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Heather Languein
1:01 pm MDT

ruCruise 2014



#1: Duck Dynasty was on the ship, aka Chad our new Marketing Director. The atmosphere was electric as everyone on the ship was trying to sneak pictures of who they thought was Willie Robertson.

#2: The peer to peer feedback and interaction was better than ever! It was great to hear all of our dealers interact with each other and share ideas about their business.

#3: This years meeting was a little different than all the others. We focused less on new products, and more on growing our dealers business. Our team researched the online presence of each dealer on the ship. We gave them all a scorecard rating their Social Media presence, and their websites SEO. This will be part of the new TruRewards program. Look for Loyalty Marketing in the new TruRewards.

#4: The TruAudio Flowrider session was fun for participants and spectators. Everyone had a blast trying to catch a few waves, and most of us accidentally drank a few waves too. It was a lot of fun...


Mar 18

Bring on the Rewards!

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Heather Languein
12:59 pm MDT

What's NEW?

- The dealer levels: TruBlue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

- The dealer level sales volume has been adjusted (see below).

- TruCruise has changed to TruEscape.

- The volume rebate has been adjusted (see below).

- Loyalty Marketing added starting at the Bronze level.

Click HERE for full size graphic!

TruRewards 2014

For specific questions regarding your level or information on earning points please contact your Customer Service Representative.

FREE Shipping Every dealer loves free freight. All dealers get free shipping on every order over $1,000. TruBlue dealers get free shipping on every order over $500. And, for dealers who reach the Silver level and above, they get free shipping for a full year!

Key Dealer Pricing Once you've reached TruBlue status, we reward you with special pricing. And you'll enjoy that pricing for the rest of the year in which you earned TruBlue status, as well as the following year!

TruEscape for Two Cabo, Costa Rica, even a Caribbean Cruise! *Each year we take our best dealers to someplace exotic. Gold and Platinum dealers get a trip for free! Sit back, relax and enjoy the sun on the beach of a resort, or the deck of a cruise!

TruEscape Airfare for Two Just like it says, become a Gold or Platinum dealer and we'll not only take you on our TruEscape, but we'll also pay for your airfare for two!

NEW Loyalty Marketing *Quarterly Marketing dollars to help grow and promote your business. Our Marketing team will provide an individual approach with options such as co-branding, digital campaigns, social media, seo, or advertising templates. Funds are distributed evenly each quarter, i.e., TruBlue would receive $250/qtr and Silver would receive $300/qtr, etc.

New Product Give-it-a-Go! We're excited to have you try new products. So, any new TruAudio/FORGE product released in the last 30 days you can try for 50% off (limit 1 per SKU). When you become a Gold dealer and above you'll get a new product for FREE!

TruBlue Showroom Package When you succeed in business, we succeed in business. That's why when you become a TruBlue dealer, we offer you a smokin' hot deal on outfitting your showroom with TruAudio products. We can even offer your employees/installers a special TruAudio discount!

Private Access Sale Every so often we have special discounted offers on particular TruAudio products. Rather than offer them to everyone, we offer them to those select dealers who have achieved TruBlue status and above.

Customer Referrals We only sell through authorized TruAudio dealers. However, we are always getting requests from consumers who want help with home theater or whole house audio. We direct these customer referrals to our best dealers. Silver dealers and above get those referrals.

Volume Rebate Dealers who reach the Gold level receive a $2,000 cash rebate. Platinum dealers get an additional $1,500 cash rebate for a total of $3,500. Now that's some sweet action! *Accounts must be in good standing to receive any incentives and/or rebates. *Quarterly Marketing Funds are valid for one year. *TruEscape is for Dealer + Guest and/or Dealer Employees. *Affiliate spend cannot exceed 30% of total purchases to qualify for TruEscape.

Jan 17

TruAudio At ISE

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Todd Packard
9:12 am MST

Come See TruAudio At ISE

TruAudio is coming to Amsterdam for ISE!

We look forward to seeing everybody there. I will be accompanied by TruAudio President, Bryan Garner.

We are excited to show you our new 2014 Product Lineup as well as answer any questions you might have about our current line of speakers and accessories.

With a show like ISE, we expect that everybody will be very busy. So, to make sure we can slow down and give you our undivided attention, we ask that you please RSVP.

You can email me directly at and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you.

I am looking forward to Amsterdam, ISE, and meeting you!

See you soon,

Devin Davies

International Sales Manager


Jan 17

National Sales Manager: Chase Harrison

Posted By
Todd Packard
8:48 am MST

TruAudio Names Chase Harrison

National Sales Manager

TruAudio is pleased to announce that they have named Chase Harrison as their new National Sales Manager.

“We’re excited for the growth we’ve experienced in our domestic dealer network. To provide the level of personal service we’re known for, we’ve created the new position of National Sales Manager and have asked Chase to fill that position, said Natalee Hoff, Vice President of Sales. “We’re excited to have someone of his AV experience and enthusiasm. Chase will work with all dealers and key accounts in the U.S. and Canada.”

Chase Harrison comes to TruAudio with over 8 years in the AV industry. He is well versed in all aspects of the TruAudio product line and has owned his own AV installation and design business.

TruAudio looks forward to continued growth and success in the domestic market and is excited to welcome Chase Harrison into the TruAudio family.

TruAudio designs, creates and manufactures quality indoor and outdoor speakers for home theater and whole house audio sold exclusively through AV integrators. TruAudio prides itself on offering superior customer service with lifetime guarantees and competitive pricing.

Jan 17

Devin Davies: TruAudio's New International Sales Manager

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Todd Packard
8:45 am MST

TruAudio Names Devin Davies

New International Sales Manager

TruAudio is pleased to announce the expansion of their international sales channel and has named Devin Davies as their new International Sales Manager.

“Our presence internationally has been growing consistently and to better serve our international customers, we felt it was important to bring our sales management in-house. We’re excited to have Devin bring an increased level of personal customer service and communication,” said Natalee Hoff, Vice President of Sales.

Unfortunately, in creating this new position, TruAudio will be saying a sad goodbye to Mark Cichowski and the services of his independent rep firm Clarity AV International.

“Mark has been with us almost from the beginning and has been instrumental in introducing the world to TruAudio products. We are deeply grateful for his friendly manner and years of dedicated service. Mark has been kind enough to assist in this transition and will continue to provide his services and support through January 31st, 2014,” stated Hoff.

Devin Davies comes to TruAudio with over 10 years in the AV industry. He is well versed in all aspects of the TruAudio product line, having been an authorized dealer for the past 6 years.

TruAudio looks forward to continued growth and success in the international market and is excited to welcome Devin Davies into the TruAudio family.

TruAudio designs, creates and manufactures quality indoor and outdoor speakers for home theater and whole house audio sold exclusively through AV integrators. TruAudio prides itself on offering superior customer service with lifetime guarantees and competitive pricing.

Jan 13

TruAudio Introduces Yellow SubTerrain

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Todd Packard
4:04 pm MST

The SubTERRAIN Underground Subwoofer:

Big Bass, Small Space

TruAudio proudly unveils its new, yellow SubTERRAIN underground subwoofer. The SubTerrain features a uniquely flared airflow port tube, Single Reflex Bandpass enclosure, exclusive soft curve cap, with the smallest footprint in the industry.

“We wanted to create something truly unique in the industry - great woofage in a small outdoor package. We smart engineered the SubTerrain for maximum air, deep bass, and greater outdoor sound dispersion in a small footprint. The yellow… well, that just makes it look sexy,” stated Kary Wawrzyniak, Vice President of Technical Development.  

Bigger Volume

The SubTerrain was designed with a airflow port tube that is bell-shaped at both ends to allow maximum air flow. Maximizing the air flow maximizes the bass volume produced by the SubTerrain.

Deeper Bass

The SubTerrain has been tuned specifically for its Single Reflex Bandpass enclosure and the two chambers have been properly balanced to enhance performance of its 10” injected poly driver for deeper, rumbling bass.

Greater Sound Dispersion

Most underground subwoofers push sound straight up their port tube only to hit a u-shaped cap that directs it straight down to the ground. Clients don’t want sound directed at the ground. They want it dispersed throughout the surrounding area.

The SubTerrain comes with a specially-designed soft curve cap. This enables the bass sound to be evenly dispersed over a wider area.

Smaller Footprint

Finally, the SubTerrain measures in at less than 19 inches in length. The smaller footprint means less landscape impact - an easier, more discreet install.

With bigger volume, deeper bass, greater sound dispersion and a smaller footprint, that’s why…

We all love the yellow SubTerrain,

the yellow SubTerrain,

the yellow SubTerrain!

Jan 2

Introducing The New Padimount In-Wall iPad Dock

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Todd Packard
3:44 pm MST

Introducing Padimount:

The Most Elegant Docking Solution In The World

TruAudio is delighted to announce that we have reached an agreement to be the exclusive partner and sole supplier of Padimount In-Wall Docking products throughout the world.

“This new partnership with Padimount allows us to bring more top-of-class products to our TruAudio Dealer Network. It’s also quite an honor to be selected as Pandimount’s sole supplier for distribution of their tablet docking solutions around the world. We’re very excited,” stated Bryan Garner, President at TruAudio.

Padimount provides a variety of unique benefits to the AV integrator in offering an iOS docking solution to their clients.

Easy Install

Perhaps Padimount’s greatest benefit is its ease of installation. Because it has the shallowest mounting depth in the industry (as thin as a sheet of half-inch drywall), integrators have the flexibility to install the Padimount wherever the homeowner wishes. Integrators no longer have to worry about installing between studs or worry about what’s behind a particular wall. The ultra-thin Padimount can be installed over studs and other obstructions in drywall as thin as ˝ inch in thickness.   

The power extender kit, which is included, allows the integrator to provide continuous charging up to 80’ over standard network cable. This again ensures that the integrator has the flexibility to install Padimount wherever the homeowner desires.

Padimount also comes complete with everything the integrator will need for a fast and easy install. The Padimount kit includes all the necessary hardware and instructions. There is even a convenient cutout template to make aligning, marking and wall cutting extremely quick and easy. An optional rough-in-ring is available for pre-construction and even quicker installations.

Security and Flexibility

Integrators no longer have to worry if a wall is warped or wavy. The Padimount has been designed with twice as many dog ears as most docking solutions, so it can be secured flush to any type wall. Those same dog ears are each removable when necessary and can be replaced with the included wood screws for further mounting security.  

The homeowner can choose whether to securely mount their iPad using the Padimount’s tamper-resistant hardware or to leave it easily removable from the dock. Padimount is constructed with the same high grade materials found in the iPad and comes with a back cushion to accept and protect a homeowner’s iOS device. Whether the homeowner prefers to secure their iPad permanently or remove it on occasion, Padimount has been designed to keep their iPad in pristine condition.  


Speaking of pristine, something that both integrator and homeowner will appreciate is Padimount’s discrete presence on the wall.

At only 3.6 millimeters thick, the magnetically attached Padimount faceplate is the thinnest on the market, giving it a clean, minimalist profile that looks wonderful in all decors.

The faceplate has been designed with premium material as well as fingerprint resistant finishes. Available with Stainless Steel, Piano Gloss Black or White, and Matte White (paintable) frames, the Padimount is user-friendly, providing the homeowner complete access to the touch screen and home button on their iPad as well full sound from the iPad’s speaker.

The Padimount supports the new iPad Air as well as iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad2, New iPad, and New iPad Retina. Padimount is priced competitively and is a simple and easy way for a homeowner to distinguish their home as organized, modern and smart.


The Padimount line of docking products are available through authorized TruAudio dealers. Learn more about the Padimount In-Wall Dock solutions, technical specifications, order options and accessories at or contact TruAudio toll-free at 1-888-858-1555.

TruAudio designs, creates and manufactures quality indoor and outdoor speakers for home theater and whole house audio sold exclusively through AV integrators. TruAudio prides itself on offering superior customer service with lifetime guarantees and competitive pricing.

Dec 27

SAT3 Satellite Speakers Image Great

Posted By
Todd Packard
1:13 pm MST

"Fourteen feet apart... and they still imaged great!

Don Hindenach of House of Hindenach AV Systems:

"I'm actually a speaker designer. I build 'em. Have for decades. And I'm good. Interestingly enough, I did sub-satellite systems before BOSE did. I've been doing them for thirty years now. But from a small manufacturing standpoint, I can't compete with what a factory can do. I can't build them small enough.

Well, Dan, my inside sales guy, happened to see that little eight second video on your SAT3 satellite speakers and said, 'That just looks cool as hell.' He told me about them and I said, "Gosh, let's get 'em in here. Let's take a look."

We ordered the SAT3 in and they got here just a day or two ago. Well, I heard all this racket in the showroom and Dan comes around the corner and says, "Come here." He had them fourteen feet apart on the shelf... and they still imaged great!

He had them aimed straight out and I had to stand right in the middle to hear it. I've carefully tilted them in over the past twenty-four hours and got that image to be solid over a broader area in the middle. But they image really, really well.

And they go lower than the similar-sized Canton's. They've got more bottom end. And they still managed to stay warm through the mids. Canton's got a better tweet, but there's nothing the matter with the tweet in the SAT3. Nothing at all. Plus, the Canton's cost more. We were just amazed at how much low end the SAT3's had... more than anything in that range with the Canton's."      

Dec 5

WIN a Trip to the BCS National Championship Game

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Todd Packard
2:54 pm MST

You Could Be Going

To The College Football

National Championship Game!

We're sending two people to the BCS National Championship game at the Rose Bowl on January 6th, 2014!

We’ll fly you to sunny California, put you up in a great hotel for three days and two nights - and give you two tickets to the biggest game in all of college football!

Worth over $4,000.00, this will be one of the greatest trips you ever take (although our TruCruise to Belize and the Carribean will be even more awesome… so why not do both!)

Enter to WIN!

Here’s how you can enter to win - and increase your chances to win - your trip to the national championship game:

During December, every time you spend $2,500 you get one entry to win. Purchase another $2,500 and you get a second entry to win. Purchase another $2,500 and you get a third… well, you see where we're going.

If that wasn't enough, each time you order $2,500 we'll give you $250 in product credit (or you opt for a Manster Gift instead).

You can enter to win as often as you purchase during December. Your last day to purchase will be Sunday, December 22nd. And we’ll announce the winner of the two tickets to the BCS Championship Game on Christmas Eve!

That’ll be one heckuva Christmas present!!

This Is Your Lucky Day!

Now, if you’re one of those who says, “I never win anything.” Well, think again.

Most contests, giveaways, lotteries have all the odds stacked against you. Thousands, even millions, of people are competing against you..

Not with TruAudio!

This once-in-a-lifetime championship game giveaway is limited just to TruAudio Dealers - and, as you well know, TruAudio dealers are a very exclusive group.

In short, there are only a select number competing for this fantastic football funfest!

With TruAudio - the odds are ever in your favor!

So, enter today!!

Dec 3

Ghost Home Theater with Trunami Sub

Posted By
Todd Packard
2:33 pm MST

“The Best Media Room We’ve Ever Had!”

The client brought us in to create his third media room….

He had media rooms designed and installed in two other homes by other integrators and he wanted a media room for his new home.

In our discussions, the homeowner mentioned that he is losing hearing in both ears, has hearing aids and needed headphones in his previous theaters in order to hear the dialogue clearly.

We recommended and installed for him a 7.1 Ghost home theater system that included the GHT and Revolve Series with an in-wall Trunami Subwoofer.

The actual install was relatively uneventful. But I wasn’t prepared for the client’s response when he experienced his new media room.

Excitedly, the homeowner told me again about his hearing problems. He said that it makes watching TV with the family a real challenge. He usually has to turn up the volume really high just to hear - and the rest of family can’t stand it that high.  

But he told me that he was “extremely impressed” with this new Ghost system we had installed. He couldn’t believe the clarity and quality of the sound. He said, “Finally, I can intelligibly understand all the dialogue."

What's more, he doesn't have to wear his headphones anymore! They now use their media room more than their family room system because it sounds so good.

He said, "This is the best media room we've ever had!"

TruStory by Mark Whitmire

Intruder Alert

San Antonio, Texas

Install Specifications

Fronts: Three Ghost Series GHT-66G LCR In-Walls

  • 6.5” glass fiber woofer

  • 1” aluminum tweeter

  • Dual layer voice coil

  • Wave Guide directional sound

  • Equalization Adjustments for treble/bass

  • Frameless magnetic Ghost grill

Rears: Two Revolve Series REV8-LCR.1 In-Ceilings

  • 3-way Home Theater LCR

  • 8” carbon fiber woofer

  • 22० angle woofer for low frequencies

  • Dual 2” carbon fiber midrange

  • Proprietary rotating bridge

  • 1” titanium swivel tweeter

  • Ghost style grill

Surrounds: Two Ghost Series GHT-Surround In-Walls

  • Dual layer voice coil

  • High grade glass fiber

  • Bipole surround

  • Wave Guide directional sound

  • Equalization Adjustments for treble/bass

  • Frameless magnetic Ghost grill

Subwoofer: Trunami Sub In-Wall

  • High Excursion Spider Suspension (HESS) 8” woofer

  • Two 6.5” Bass Augmenting Drivers

  • Mounts between 16” stud in standard thickness wall

  • Comes complete with MDF back box - retrofittable

  • Frameless, magnetic Ghost-like cloth grill

Nov 22

TruAudio Introduces New Rock Subwoofer

Posted By
Todd Packard
3:00 pm MST

Now You Can Get

An Audiophile Subwoofer In A Rock!

TruAudio Rock Subwoofer

“Most outdoor subs are all about ‘the bang and the boom’. Consequently, all you get is sound that’s loud and rumbly. Well, we’ve created a rock subwoofer that gives you that soaring volume and booming bass - but it will also give you the clarity and audio accuracy so you can truly understand and enjoy your music.”

Kary Wawrzyniak

Vice President of Technical Development

Great Clarity

TruAudio designed this new rock sub like a home theater subwoofer. It comes with a four layer voice coil that generates superior Sound Pressure Levels (SPL’s) while preventing low distortion. The extra-large rock cabinet has been tuned specifically for exceptional volume and accurate low end.

Plus, because this is a dedicated passive sub instead of an in-line, you have the versatility of adjusting the low-end levels at the amplifier so you can set the exact amount of bass you want according to your personal preference.

High Output

Big, booming sound comes from our rock sub’s 10” high grade injected poly woofer. The stiff resistance of the injected polypropylene provides better bass reproduction. The injected poly also lasts longer in all sorts of climates.

Our rock sub descends to an ultra low frequency response of just 36Hz while enjoying 250 watts of power capacity.

Long Life

Finally, our rock sub is housed in a resin cabinet that has been environmentally sealed to prevent corrosion and insect infestation. It is also humidity rated to withstand all sorts of harsh and wet weather conditions.

Each of our rock subs come with a full five year warranty.

Friends and Family

The new TruAudio Rock Subwoofer plays well with the other TruAudio Rock Speakers and can be matched with our TRU-S350 sub amplifier.


Live Long, Live Loud

Rock Passive Subwoofer Specifications

Speaker Type: 10” Rock Subwoofer

Woofer: 10” Injected Polypropylene

Power: 5-250 watts

Impedance: 4 ohm

Frequency Response: 36Hz. - 2.1k Hz.

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Grill Type: Micro-meshed on rock-shaped housing

Colors Available: Gray and Tan

Finish Dimensions: 12.25" H. 18.50 W. 11.90 D.

Nov 21

Ghost 4 Inch In-Ceiling Works Perfectly In Your Kitchen

Posted By
Todd Packard
9:22 am MST

“I Love The Ghosts In My Kitchen!”

When TruAudio introduced the revolutionary frameless Ghost in-ceiling speaker, AV integrators and homeowners loved it.

But it wasn’t long before somebody wanted more….

In 2009, we were approached by an interior designer who said that she loved the Ghost speakers, but wanted to know if we could design one that would match the size of recessed can lighting.

Because of its 2 millimeter reveal, a Ghost speaker virtually disappears into the ceiling or wall. But our interior designer wanted us to take it a step further and develop a Ghost that would match perfectly the other design elements (lighting) in the ceiling.

We thought it was a great idea.

So, we created the Ghost 4” In-Ceiling Speaker that matches perfectly the footprint of standard can lighting.

The Ghost 4” comes in a white glass fiber woofer/titanimum tweeter as well as a polypropylene woofer/silk soft dome swivel tweeter.

Like all our Ghosts, we designed the 4” so it is consistent across the entire frequency spectrum. That way, we are not dictating what you, the listener, hear. You are hearing "true" sound - the sound that the artist originally intended.

The Ghost 4" gives you “music as it was meant to be heard”.

And, like all Ghosts, the 4” also comes with Speaker Equalization Adjustments for both treble and bass. This gives you the flexibility to precision tune the sound to suit your preferences as well as adjust according to the specific acoustic configuration of your room.

Now you can dance in your kitchen enjoying great music provided by a chorus of Ghosts you won't even know are there....

Nov 8

High Performance From Exclusive Ghost Carbon

Posted By
Todd Packard
11:18 am MST

The Ghost Carbon In-Ceiling Speaker:

Put Super Sports Car Performance In Your Home Audio

The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing comes with a carbon fiber body…

that is both super light and super strong, helping the Mercedes to achieve its breathtaking 740 horsepower.

We designed the flagship Ghost Carbon In-Ceiling Speaker with a signature carbon fiber copper weave driver. Because it’s lightweight, the carbon fiber woofer gives the Ghost a full range of air movement. Its strength prevents the loss or leakage of that air movement. Consequently, the Ghost Carbon produces excellent bass response without losing any of the mid-range.

The top range is provided by a 1 inch swivel tweeter made of titanium. The carbon fiber driver coupled with the titanium tweeter allows the Ghost Carbon to provide you with a smooth and realistic dispersion of sound over the entire audio range.

To further enhance its audio performance, TruAudio has designed an audiophile crossover specifically for the Ghost Carbon. Oxygen-free copper inductors provide a clearer signal path. High watt ceramic resistors afford greater volume. A vented motor gives increased efficiency. Capacitors made of specially wound metallized polypropylene minimizes inner vibration.

These superior components give the Ghost Carbon a natural, almost holographic soundstage. It’s sound that best approximates what’s real. It’s sound that’s natural, that’s real, that’s true.

Like all members of the Ghost Series, the Ghost Carbon also comes with Speaker Equalization Adjustments: the ability to fully adjust Treble and Bass, allowing you the flexibility to fine-tune the sound to match your soundstage as well as your listening preferences.

And, of course, the Ghost Carbon also enjoys the patented, magnetic frameless grill with a mere 2 millimeter reveal that disappears into your ceiling.


Enjoy the invisibility and high performance of a Ghost Carbon!

"Music as it was meant to be heard."

Ghost Carbon Fiber In-Ceiling Specifications

Speaker Type: In-Ceiling 2-Way

Woofer: 6.5" Red Copper Carbon Fiber Weave

Tweeter: 1" Titanium Swivel

Power: 5-150 watts

Impedance: 8 ohm

Frequency Response: 35-22K Hz. (+/-3 dB)

Sensitivity: 92 dB (2.83 volts/1meter, +3dB)

Equalization Adjustments: Tweeter & Woofer 0, -3, -6

Grill Type: Ghost Style Frameless

Finish Dimensions: 9" (229mm) Diameter, 4" (104mm) Deep

Cutout Dimensions: 8.125" (208mm) Diameter

Patent Number: US 7,543.681 B2

Nov 7

Rising Star: Petrone Technology Group

Posted By
Todd Packard
12:56 pm MST

Rising Star: Petrone Technology Group

Anthony Petrone is a man on the move... and the AV industry is taking notice.

Anthony (friends call him “AP”) and his company, Petrone Technology Group, were just recognized as one of CEPro’s Rising Stars in their latest issue.

Being the man that he is, AP defers much of the credit to his employees. But regardless of where the credit is placed, the reality is that things are moving along quite nicely for Petrone.

Revenues are up 60% this year, with much of that growth attributable to an increase in audio, retrofit, and control work. In fact, it was in the unique things Petrone is doing with control where the industry and potential customers are taking notice.

AP showcased his control work in a recent install video that featured impressive control of the outdoor lighting and audio (those are our OP 8.2 Outdoor Speakers) as well as a wicked cool fire pit - all controlled with a waterproof remote control!

TruAudio Dealer Petrone Outdoor Audio Firepit

AP’s next little AV adventure involved creating a minimalist masterpiece for a Olympic Gold Medalist. The install was written up in a “NEAT-O” feature story in this month’s CEPro issue.

This particular install featured a TV that Petrone placed behind a mirror in the bathroom. “The client wanted to sit in his bathtub with his waterproof remote control and watch TV without having to see the TV. He said it would take away from the overall design of the bathroom,” AP told us.

The audio for the TV and SIRIUS Radio is pumped through our GG-6 Ghost In-Ceiling speakers with the Ghost grills.

TruAudio Dealer Petrone Ghost In-ceiling Speakers Mirror TV

AP says there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for Petrone Technology Group. The most immediate is the grand opening of a brand new Petrone showroom!

Here’s a big congratulations to AP and all the crew at Petrone for their great work. It’s obvious that they love what they do.

Oh, and we think it’s kind of nice that they love TruAudio too!

Nov 4

Here's The New Rimless Phantom In-Ceiling Speaker

Posted By
Todd Packard
4:23 pm MST

Introducing The New Phantom Frameless:

Upgraded Components, Easy Install, Fantastic Price

In 2008, we introduced the AV industry to the first frameless in-ceiling speaker - the revolutionary Ghost.

Here’s why clients and integrators both love the Ghost:

Clients love the Ghost’s clean, minimalist look in the ceiling/wall. Integrators love how the Ghost makes installation a breeze - a “one ladder job” -  no messing with paint guards, clean-ups, potential scratching or damaging the grill or speaker.

“The demand for our Ghost has grown steadily over the years. More and more of our dealers and their clients are asking for the frameless look,” said Kary Warzyniak, Vice President of Technology. “We realized we needed to offer more frameless speakers.”

Here’s The New Phantom

In the face of increasing demand for rimless speakers, we decided to take our popular X Series of in-ceiling speakers, upgrade its crossover and components and give it a magnetic Ghost grill.

We call this new frameless speaker the Phantom.

A great look and sound in whole house audio, we currently offer the frameless Phantom with an injected poly woofer and silk soft dome swivel tweeter in both a 6” and 8” in-ceiling speaker. 6” and 8” glass fiber, 6” and 8” dual voice coil as well as a 4” glass fiber and poly models are soon to follow.

Best of all, you can get this new frameless Phantom in the same price range as our X Series!

Get the clean, minimalist look your clients want and the easy “one ladder job” you enjoy - all at a great price with the new Phantom frameless in-ceiling speaker!

Oct 25

Join us on a TruCruise to Belize!

Posted By
Todd Packard
1:35 pm MDT

Take The Trip Of A Lifetime

Join Us On The TruCruise!

Mark March 1-6 on your calendar….

Because we’re taking you to Belize and Cozumel on a fantastic TruCruise for Two!

If you qualify as part of our TruRewards Dealer Loyalty Program, you can enjoy our Fourth Annual TruCruise - and we're headed to the Caribbean!

Cruising with Royal Carribean, we leave Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 1st and sail to Belize City, Belize. On the way back, we spend a day in Cozumel, Mexico. It will be six days of pure pleasure - and we want you to be with us!

Here's what you can look forward to....

We'll be cruising on Royal Carribean's Liberty of the Seas ship - and this baby is a floating playground that you will absolutely love!

You can hit the links!

Play some ball!

Climb a rock!

You can even hang ten!

And there’s plenty to do at night….

You can take in a show!

Do some shopping!

You can even blow your life’s savings at the poker table!

And, of course, there's always plenty to eat….

and EAT….

and EAT!

But it doesn’t end there!

Wait till you get off the boat! There is so much to do, see, and experience in Belize and Cozumel!

You’ll explore the wonders of nature….

Swim in crystal clear water.

And meet some wonderful new friends.

The 2014 TruCruise will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience - and you won’t want to miss it. So, please, join us!

As part of our TruRewards Dealer Loyalty Program, here’s how you can qualify for this incredible cruise: 

  • When you achieve Silver level in annual spend, you and a companion can enjoy our TruCruise with just a $500 buy-in.

  • When you reach Gold level in annual spend, you and a companion can enjoy our TruCruise for FREE!

  • When you reach Platinum level in annual spend, we’ll also pay for your airfare!

To find out how you can join us on the TruCruise to Belize, call your Customer Service Manager - TODAY! 

Oct 23

The History of the Ghost Speaker

Posted By
Todd Packard
11:21 am MDT

The Anatomy of a Ghost

In 2008, the AV industry saw a ghost… and it changed things forever.

Product tweeks, add-ons, bells and whistles, even legitimate product enhancements come and go - and people move along relatively undisturbed. But product revolutions that change an entire industry, well, those are rare and they grab your attention.

In 2008, TruAudio introduced a product that shaped the AV industry. And it came in the form of a shapeshifter named the Ghost.

The Bad Ol’ Days

For decades, the standard in-ceiling speaker came with a rim. AV installers would get out there ladder, cut a hole in the ceiling, put a rimmed speaker in the hole, take out the speaker grill and fill that hole with a paint guard.

That way the painter could paint the ceiling and speaker rim without ruining the guts of the speaker. They had to paint the speaker grill separately. Once the grills were painted, the AV installer had to come back to the house, get out the ladder again, remove the paint guards and put the speaker grills back in.

But the speaker grills didn’t always go back in so easily. Rimmed speakers were “friction-fit” and once the grills were painted there was even more friction. Sometimes to get the grills to fit just right would take a little, shall we say, physical manipulation. And sometimes that physical manipulation would lead to bending or denting the grill. If that happened, you’d have to start the whole process all over again.

Not good.

Baby Ghost Steps

Early in 2004, TruAudio was searching for an easier way to attach grills to a speaker. Recognizing that the friction-fit approach was fraught with problems, TruAudio hit upon the idea to put magnets in the speaker’s baffle so the grill would attach to the speaker without any physical manipulation required.

And wallah… no more problems with bending or denting!

It was the first magnetic grill in the industry that was not friction fit. We called it the EZGrill.

A Second Innovation

Th EZGrill was great - a vast improvement over standard friction fit speakers - but there was still the issue of an installer having a two paint job process. They would still have to install the speaker and have the painter paint the rim and the grill separately, then return to install the painted grill. Another “two ladder” job for the installer - extra time and extra expense.

To resolve that issue, TruAudio decided to make the rim and grill one complete piece that would then adhere to magnets in the speaker frame.

The painter would paint the rim-and-grill combo and the installer could install the speaker and magnetic rim/grill all at the same time - a one ladder job!

It was 2007 and we called it the EZFrame.

Heard But Not Seen

The reception of the EZFrame was very positive, yet we still felt improvements could be made. The all-in-one frame looked good and was easy to install, but it still seemed a bit “traditional”. It still looked like a rimmed speaker - with a noticeable presence in the ceiling.

With magnets on the frame, having a rim seemed unnecessary. So, we designed a rimless, super thin grill that would cover the entire speaker frame with a mere 2 millimeter presence in the ceiling.

The Ghost was born!

Music as it was Meant to be Heard

The Ghost was our top of the line in-ceiling speaker - our TruAudio flagship for whole house audio. And we wanted the Ghost sound to be the most clean, the most clear, the most true to the sound the artist originally intended.

This drive to stay true to the original sound has guided our company from the very start. That’s why we named the company TruAudio.

To achieve that true sound requires a minimalist approach to speaker design. Rather than design speakers with certain frequencies (high or low) emphasized or “pushed”, we strive to design our speakers so they are consistent across the entire frequency spectrum. That way, you are not dictating what a listener hears - they are hearing the music as the artist intended.

Ghost Rises Above

We designed our Ghost Series of speakers with that same attention to “TruAudio” - making it absolutely consistent across the frequency spectrum. We gave it high grade capacitors and coils on the crossover to further clarify the sound. Then we kicked the listener experience up a notch….

We designed each Ghost with Speaker Equalization Adjustments for both Treble and Bass. This gives the Ghost listener the flexibility to precision tune the sound to suit their preferences as well as adjust according to room configurations.

While that may seem a departure from the purist approach - music as it was meant to be heard - we’re happy to provide the Ghost listener with the freedom to choose the sound they like to hear. If they prefer more bass, they can have it. If they like the higher tones, they can enjoy that too.

Regardless of what they choose, the Ghost listener will always enjoy beautiful, clear sound from a speaker with a near invisible presence in their ceiling!

Oct 10

CEPro BEST Award Winning Trunami In-Wall Sub

Posted By
Todd Packard
12:41 pm MDT


BEST Retrofittable In-Wall Subwoofer

Unleashing a Tsunami of Sound

The Trunami’s 8” woofer utilizes a linear High-Excursion-Spider-Suspension (HESS) design - specifically matched to its enclosure as well as the amp power level and frequency. Its Aramid fiber spider is the optimized shape for deep bass, linearity and break-up mode control at high drive levels. The woofer also has a large, high-energy ceramic magnet that achieves a higher BL product or “horsepower” for the Trunami.

The woofer magnet circuit was designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the woofer’s motor efficiency making for a unique subwoofer driver with high sensitivity, long excursion, producing deep bass in a small enclosure with low distortion.

“BAD” Bass

Next, we added two 6.5” Bass Augmenting Drivers (BAD) to enhance the bass while keeping the dimensions of the Trunami cabinet to a minimum. The BAD’s allowed us to design a very small enclosure while adding a radiating area equal to that of a 10” woofer.

The BAD’s also augment the lowest range of the Trunami’s 8” woofer. Tuned to vibrate in response to the bass energy coming from the woofer, the BAD’s deepen the range several steps lower than the lowest pitches that the woofer can reproduce. They extend the Trunami bass a full -3db@37Hz when mounted mid wall near the floor. This gives the Trunami the aural perception of bass notes roughly half an octave lower than it would otherwise be able to reproduce.

Strong, Versatile Speaker

All the Trunami drivers use a high tech, high temperature adhesive to bond the cone, spider and voice coil at a single region called “three point bonding”. This assures high power handling with mechanical durability. The Trunami cabinet has also been internally braced for vibration free performance.

The use of multiple subs to prevent areas of bass null regions in a room of very low bass is fast becoming the norm in installations. In keeping with that trend, the Trunami has been designed to work as a single unit or in 2 or 4-unit configurations to minimize waves and phase cancellations in larger rooms.

Small Footprint

Finally, we used a state-of-the-art CAD system in designing the Trunami so we could squeeze all this stellar bass performance into the smallest possible enclosure. The Trunami is small enough to mount between a 16” stud in a standard thickness wall. Coming complete with its own MDF back box, the Trunami is retrofittable. The Trunami also features a frameless, magnetic cloth grill that is both easy to install and minimizes the on-wall footprint.


The Trunami In-Wall Sub is available through authorized TruAudio dealers. To learn more about the Trunami, and for additional technical specifications, order options and accessories, please visit


Type: Passive In-Wall Subwoofer

Woofer: One 8” active driver and two 6.5” passive drivers

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency Response: (+/-3db) 35-180 Hz

Voice coil 4-layer copper

Grill Type: Magnetic Black Cloth

Finish Dimensions: 18.75” H, 17.25 W, 4.375” D

Cutout Dimensions: 17.375” H, 14.375 W, 3.875” D

Sep 24

TruCustom Subwoofer from TruAudio

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Todd Packard
10:34 am MDT

The Awesomeness of Asgardian Audio Art:

TruCustom Subwoofer from TruAudio

When TruCustom Services of TruAudio set out to create the ultimate home theater sub, the popularity of a certain Norse god provided all the inspiration they would need.

TruAudio has created a one of a kind subwoofer based on the mythical hammer of Odin’s Son that will shake all of Asgard. They will be unveiling this exclusive sub at CEDIA (booth #500) - and you can enter to win it!

This exclusive sub is big and loud - and it is BEE-YOU-TI-FULL!

A Work of Accent Art

It took just over 52 hours of painstaking craftsmanship by man and machine to design, construct, assemble, tune and finish the TruCustom Sub. A significant portion of that time went into the creation and carving of the designs that surround the hammer sub.

The design accents on the sub are completely original and it took a CAD CAM micro drill ELEVEN HOURS to carve and re-carve the various design elements.

Skin of the Gods

All surfaces of the sub’s double refined, high density MDF were hand-sanded. Multiple resin coats were applied in preparation for the main paint skin. Ford automotive paint was selected for its durability and luster. The color chosen was Explorer Silver. Two liberal coats of ClearKote were applied to give the TruCustom Sub a skin with depth as well as sheen.

But all is not bright and shiny with a hammer that sees plenty of save-the-world-by-destroying-evil kind of action. It had to have that super hero “lived in” look, you know. Here again, the TruCustom Sub does not disappoint. Specific accents were rough sanded and painted to give it a “hammered” look. Four coats of airbrushing enhanced the effect.

TruAudio estimates the one of a kind TruCustom Sub’s street value to be roughly $3,500.00. But this sub is not for sale. It will be given away - along with a “Trip for Two” to Los Angeles for a behind-the-scenes tour of Paramount Studios. There will also be a Norse god gift basket and an assortment of movie posters and passes given away.

TruAudio created its TruCustom Services to meet the demand for custom speakers by its extensive network of integrators. Combining audio manufacturing expertise with a creative flair, TruAudio can design custom subwoofers that capture the essence of any room or client personality, soundbars that match any size flat screen, and speakers that will make the most demanding client supremely happy!

Sep 24

Hammer Time in Asgard

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Todd Packard
10:11 am MDT

TruCustom Subwoofer from TruAudio:

It's Hammer Time in Asgard

If the God of Thunder had a subwoofer in his Asgardian palace theater, what would it sound like?

TruAudio, through its TruCustom Services, figured it would have to be big, bold, epic - something worthy of a Norse god. That’s why they created their TruCustom Sub in the shape of his favorite sidearm - the all-powerful hammer.

But the hammer similarities don’t end there. This TruCustom sub was created to produce the kind of woofage that pounds, that booms, that shakes walls as if they were to divide asunder.

“We knew we would be creating only one "God of Thunder" Sub. That allows you to think creatively, to think BIG. And it’s always fun to think big when you’re building a custom subwoofer,” said Kary Wawrzyniak, Vice President of Technical Development.

Epic Proportions

One of the first things you notice about the TruCustom Sub is its size. It stands over two feet tall and is almost three feet long. This gives this one of a kind sub just under four cubic feet of interior air volume. This allows its 2” driver cone to move freely so the bass rolls off smoother and deeper.

The TruCustom Sub was also constructed using double refined, high density MDF, so it’s not only big, it’s also solid. The walls surrounding its woofer alone are an inch and half thick for extra rigidity and strength at higher volumes.

Thunderous Driver

Most spectacular is the TruCustom Sub's 12” long excursion driver with four-layer voice coil. It has a lightweight black anodized aluminum cone for strength and lower moving mass. The triple shorting ring motor prevents ultra-low distortion and is extensively vented to eliminate compression and allow quiet excursion.

Second, third, and intermodulation distortion are kept extremely low by utilizing three short-circuit paths within the motor structure. A durable aramid fiber spider and extensive venting throughout provide quiet and uniform excursion.

But all is not calm and quiet with this one-of-a-kind sub. Capable of handling 800 watts of power, the Sub can keep all of Asgard up at night with this big boomer. Something that would warm the God of Thunder's heroic heart - while putting a mischievous smile on his brother Loki’s lips!

Enter to WIN!

AV integrators can enter to win the TruCustom Sub as well as a “Trip for Two” to Los Angeles for a behind-the-scenes tour of Paramount Studios. The winner of the TruCustom Sub will be announced following CEDIA.

TruAudio created its TruCustom Services to meet the demand for custom speakers by its extensive network of integrators. Combining audio manufacturing expertise with a creative flair, TruAudio can create custom subwoofers that capture the essence of any room or client personality, soundbars that match any size flat screen, and speakers that will make the most demanding client supremely happy!

Sep 13

3D Starfield by Simplified Acoustics

Posted By
Todd Packard
11:36 am MDT

Home Theater Starfields in the Third Dimension

We have a revolutionary starfield treatment that will absolutely mesmerize your home theater clients!

Introducing the 3D Starfield by Simplified Acoustics.

Combining cutting-edge technologies in LED manipulation and fiber optics, the 3D Starfield brings a hyper-realistic experience to home theater that is not available anywhere else.

“I had a high-profile client’s wife tell me she wasn’t a big fan of the traditional starfield but her husband was - so she was putting up with it. Once I turned on the stars her response was, “Can you leave it on all the time with the door open?” She kept coming in, just sitting there staring at it. Then she started bringing all her friends over to see it,” said Matt Call, owner of Simplified Acoustics.

Innovator to the Stars

What makes Simplified’s 3D Starfield unique is the proprietary coating on the fiber optic strands that hang down at varying lengths giving you an actual 3 dimensional viewing experience. What’s more, a unique LED light source allows the “stars” to twinkle.

These fiber optic strands are set at different lengths and if desired, can be trimmed or etched after installation. This gives every room a unique look because of the depth of field between the points of light. “I have done some custom installs where the fibers are over 30” in length. That creates an incredible planetarium look that is an absolute attention-getter” Matt said.

DIY or Custom

As a TruAudio Dealer, you can get two different versions of the 3D Starfield: 3D Fiber Frame and 3D Custom Starfield. The difference simply boils down to who does the installation.

The 3D Fiber Frame is a do-it-yourself starfield for AV Professionals that is truly simple to install. It comes in a 48” x 48” aluminum frame that you put together and then the pre-impregnated velour fabric wraps around the frame and is secured on the back with Velcro. You install four small eye bolts in the ceiling and the frame is hung and adjusted by black zip-ties. The 12v LED driver is plugged in and can be daisy chained from one panel to the next. The LED’s are rated for 50,000 hours and use very little power.

If the client has a potential starfield space with specific dimensions or an odd shaped room that needs an exact fit, then you would want the 3D Custom Starfield. In this case, Simplified Acoustics would send a professional that would install a track system to match the exact area for the starfield and stretch the pre-impregnated velour fabric between the tracks. Most jobs like this would take two to three days for installation and trimming.

Dazzle your home theater clients and start a buzz in your market by announcing that you’re the first to offer the incredible viewing experience of a 3D Starfield!

Sep 11

TruAudio Creates One of a Kind THOR's Subwoofer

Posted By
Todd Packard
8:56 am MDT

TruAudio Creates Exclusive THOR’s Subwoofer

With Its TruCustom Services

TruAudio will introduce a one of a kind “Superhero Sub” when it unveils the THOR Subwoofer at CEDIA. Created through their TruCustom Services, the stylish THOR Sub will be on display at TruAudio’s booth (#500) and given away to one lucky AV integrator following the show.

Patterned after the Norse god’s signature hammer, THOR’s Sub is a fully-functioning, custom-made subwoofer that features a 12” black anodized aluminum cone, cast basket, long excursion, 2.5” 2-layer voice coil. It’s skin will be a gloss gun metal paint with specially etched celtic effects drawn from the popular movie franchise. It has an estimated value of $3,500.00. The THOR theme was chosen in anticipation of the upcoming sequel THOR: The Dark World that will be released in November.

“With TruCustom, we create a lot of soundbars of different lengths to match a variety of flatscreen sizes. Custom speakers are usually built to fit specific install requirements. But it’s in custom-making subs where the client’s personality really comes out. It makes for some creative fun,” said Kary Wawrzyniak, Vice President of Technical Development. “The THOR Sub is our first custom subwoofer patterned after a movie!”

Shrouded in secrecy, TruAudio will be releasing photographs of the THOR Sub this week. The one of a kind custom subwoofer will be on display at the TruAudio booth (#500) at CEDIA. Integrators can also enter to win the exclusive THOR Sub which will be given away after the conclusion of CEDIA. AV Integrators can also be entered to win a special 2 night stay in Los Angeles (including air fare) with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Paramount Studios where THOR was filmed. There will also be THOR movie passes and posters given awayl.    

TruAudio created its TruCustom Services to meet the demand for custom speakers by its network of dealers. While offering complete custom speaker manufacturing capabilities, TruCustom has developed an extensive expertise in creating custom soundbars.

Sep 5

We've Got Direct Burial Cable!

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Todd Packard
6:01 pm MDT

Direct Burial Joins TruAudio Family of Cable

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to our ever growing family of bulk cable….

Now you can get Direct Burial Cable at TruAudio!

And, just so you know, you can also get Speaker, CAT5 and CAT6, and Coax RG6 cables - all with great selection and great prices. Check ‘em all out below….

Direct Burial Audio Cable

Bulk Cable 16AWG 2 Conductor Direct Burial Audio Cable 500 Feet - Available in Black or White

Direct Burial Audio Cable 16/2 (black), CMR/CL3R, Oxygen free, paper tape, rip cord, 65 strands, 2 conductor, FR-PVC jacket, 300 voltage, 10.0 conductor resistance 500' pull box.

Speaker Cable

Bulk Cable 14AWG 4 Conductor Speaker Cable 500 Feet - Available in Blue or White

Bulk cable, 14/4 105 strand speaker, oxygen free copper, CL3R, 500 feet in Pull Box.

Bulk Cable Cat5e and 16AWG 4 Conductor 500 Feet Yellow

Bulk cable, CAT5e, 24AWG Solid, 4PR, 350MHZ, CM, 16/4 65 strand oxygen free copper speaker cable, 500 feet on a Spool, yellow.

Bulk Cable 12AWG 2 Conductor Speaker Cable 500 Feet White

Bulk cable, 12/2, 65 strand, CMR, audio cable, oxygen free copper, CL3R, 500 feet in Pull Box, white.

Bulk Cable 16AWG 4 Conductor Speaker Cable 500 Feet - Available in Blue or White

Bulk cable, 16/4 65 strand speaker, oxygen free copper, CL3R, 500 feet in Pull Box.

Bulk Cable 14AWG 2 Conductor Speaker Cable 500 Feet - Available in Blue or White

Bulk cable, 14/2 105 strand speaker, oxygen free copper, CL3R, 500 feet in Pull Box.

Bulk Cable 22AWG 4 Conductor Security Cable 1000 Feet - Available in Blue or  White

Bulk cable, 22/4 security system stranded cable, oxygen free copper, CMR-CL2R, 1000 feet in Pull Box.

Bulk Cable 22AWG 2 Conductor Security Cable 500 Foot ZIP COIL - White

Bulk cable, 22/2 security cable, solid, oxygen free copper, CMR-CL2R, 500 feet "ZIP Coil".

CAT 5e and CAT 6e Cable

Bulk cable, 2x CAT5e 24 AWG, 2x RG6 quad shield coaxial 18 AWG, CM, 500

Bulk cable, 2x CAT5e 24 AWG, 2x RG6 quad shield coaxial 18 AWG, CM, 500', blue.

Bulk Cable Cat5e and 16AWG 4 Conductor 500 Feet Yellow

Bulk cable, CAT5e, 24AWG Solid, 4PR, 350MHZ, CM, 16/4 65 strand oxygen free copper speaker cable, 500 feet on a Spool, yellow.

Bulk Cable Cat5e 24AWG Plenum 1000 Feet - Available in Grey, Orange, and Blue

Bulk cable, CAT5e, 24AWG Solid, 4PR, 350MHZ, CMP (Plenum Rated), 1000 feet in Pull Box.

Bulk Cable Cat6e 23AWG Riser 1000 Feet - Available in Red, Grey, and Green

Bulk cable, CAT6e, PVC, 23AWG, solid, 4 pair, 550 MHZ, CMR (riser rated), 1000 feet, pull box, red

Bulk Cable Cat5e 24AWG Riser 1000 Feet - Available in Green, Purple, White, Yellow, Orange, Black, and Grey,

Bulk cable, CAT5e, 24AWG Solid, 4PR, 350MHZ, CMR (Riser Rated), 1000 feet in Pull Box.

Three: Coax RG6 Cable

Bulk Cable RG6 Quad Shielded 18AWG 1000 Feet - Available in White and Black

Bulk cable, RG6 quad shield, 3.0GHZ, 18AWG, CCS, CMR, 1000 Feet in Pull Box.

Bulk Cable RG6 Dual Shielded 18AWG 1000 Feet - Available in Black and White

Bulk cable, RG6 dual shield, 3.0GHZ, 18AWG, CCS, CMR, 1000 Feet in Pull Box, black.

Bulk Cable RG6 Dual Shielded 18AWG 500 Feet - Black

Bulk cable, RG6 dual shield, 3.0GHZ, 18AWG, CCS, CMR, 500 Feet in Pull Box, black.

One-stop shopping for all your cable needs at TruAudio!

Aug 29

End of Summer Six Pack Sale

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Todd Packard
4:42 pm MDT

The kids are back to school, football is here, crisp Fall weather is coming soon - and we get to celebrate Labor Day by not laboring!

So, here's one more reason to celebrate:

Beginning Friday and continuing through Monday, purchase six or more of any TruAudio speaker your little heart desires and you get 10% off your current price level, AND you get free shipping, AND we'll give you this cool little TruAudio camping chair.


Because we like you!

Again, purchase any TruAudio speaker you wish (eg., purchase six CP-6's and six PS-10's and six SLIM 300's - you get the idea - no limits!) When you purchase six or more you get 10% off, free shipping, and a TruAudio camping chair (so you can sit back, relax, and realize how life could not possibly get much better than this....;)

Happy Labor Day!!

Aug 27

Protect Electronics With BoraGear's Norte Fan

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Todd Packard
10:46 am MDT

Protect Your Valuable Electronics

With BoraGear’s Norte Stackable Fan

Your electronics are HOT!

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and emotion in the amps and receivers that will give you the awesome sound you want from your TruAudio home theater and whole house audio speakers.

But they have to work hard to give you that crystal clear sound - and that hard work translates into heat. And heat does NOT do good things for electronics.

To protect the investment you’ve made, you gotta keep your electronics cool.

BoraGear can help you stay cool with their Norte Stackable Fan.

Protect Electronics With BoraGear Stackable Norte Fan Front View

The perfect solution for stacking products, the Norte is designed to sit on top of any hot piece of equipment and flow a true 20 cfm in the most efficient way – across the gear. This design creates the least noise and highest airflow possible. Because it supports 500+ lbs. on its lid, the Norte can be sandwiched between two pieces of equipment. Since it has a pre-installed thermal switch, all it needs is power and it’s ready to go.


  • Vibration isolated.

  • Supports 500+ lbs on its top.

  • Lid blocks heat to above equipment.

  • Airflow is in the most efficient and quietest direction; straight across the gear.

  • Triggered by pre-installed 85° thermal switch.


  • Airflow: 20 cfm

  • Noise: 14 dB

  • Power Supply: 12V DC

  • Dimensions: 1.75″h x 17″w x 15″d

  • Power Consumption: 1.9 watts

Norte - Back View

Protect Electronics With BoraGear Stackable Norte Fan Back View

Norte - Underneath

Protect Electronics With BoraGear Stackable Norte Fan Underneath View

TruAudio is the sole supplier of BoraGear AV cooling systems throughout the world.

BoraGear specializes in cost-effective, high-performance cooling solutions for the audio/video industry. Drawing on their extensive background in audio, video and automation technologies, BoraGear provides products that are not only better-engineered, but are better supported with stellar customer service.

Aug 23

TruAudio Exclusive Worldwide Partner With BoraGear

Posted By
Todd Packard
11:26 am MDT

TruAudio Becomes

Exclusive Worldwide Partner With BoraGear

TruAudio has agreed to an exclusive partnership to be the sole supplier of BoraGear products throughout the world.

BoraGear Cooling Systems logo

“This new partnership with BoraGear allows us to bring more top-of-class products to our TruAudio Dealer Network. It’s also quite an honor to be selected as BoraGear’s sole supplier for distribution of their audio/video cooling systems throughout the world. We’re very excited,” stated Bryan Garner, President at TruAudio.

With the exclusive partnership TruAudio announced that AV integrators would see a variety of additional rack cooling products, including Forge rack bundles with BoraGear cooling solutions and a Sirocco Rooftop Evacuator that will fit existing Forge rack enclosures.

BoraGear will also be exhibiting their products at the TruAudio booth (#500) at the upcoming CEDIA Expo 2013 in Denver. BoraGear dealers will also have full access to TruAudio and Forge’s audio and rack product solution catalogs.

BoraGear is a Texas-based company specializing in cost-effective, high-performance cooling solutions for the audio/video industry. Drawing on their extensive background in audio, video and automation technologies, BoraGear provides products that are not only better-engineered, but integrators also receive full-factory authorized support.


The BoraGear line of cooling products is available through authorized TruAudio dealers. Learn more about the BoraGear rack, cabinet, and equipment closet cooling systems, technical specifications, order options and accessories at or contact TruAudio toll-free at 1-888-858-1555.

TruAudio designs, creates and manufactures quality indoor and outdoor speakers for home theater and whole house sold audio exclusively through AV integrators. TruAudio prides itself on offering superior customer service with an industry-standard lifetime guarantee and competitive pricing.

Aug 15

Vision Electronics: From Grim to Glam

Posted By
Todd Packard
4:57 pm MDT

Vision Electronics: From Grim to Glam

Vision Electronics Uses TruAudio Speakers in Home Fire Restoration

In May of 2012, fire gutted this home.

Vision Electronics of St. George, Utah was called in to bring it back from the ashes and create a residential masterpiece.

The Challenge

“It was a bit of a tricky restoration,” said Aaron Mayer, co-owner at Vision. “The prior control system was not Control4 and there was some question as to whether the circuits and switches had been bad and actually caused the fire.”

“The home was not entirely burned down so we had to both clean-up, fix, retrofit as well as install a completely new system. We abandoned all the old wiring - completely redoing it all so we were 100% sure that it was done correctly. We wanted to make sure we got it exactly right,” stated Brandon Hart, Vision co-owner.

The Solution

The home now has over 200 ZigBee devices. There is full lighting control - every light in the home, inside and out, including the pool and tennis court.

The home has full climate control as well as complete security integration with 16 security cameras on the house.

There are 30 zones of audio with whole house audio, a home theater and 18 different TV/Video locations throughout the home.

Hidden Beauty

When it came to the finished product, the homeowner had two specific requests. With the automated sophistication of their new Control 4 system, they wanted to make sure that it was as user-friendly as possible. Secondly, they wanted all the automated sophistication to have minimal impact on the overall aesthetics of the home.  

Cosmetics were very important to the homeowner. In no place was this achieved more perfectly than in the audio throughout the home.

TruAudio In-wall Speakers Hidden In Living Room

In this living room alone, Vision Electronics installed three TruAudio GHT-66P In-Wall Home Theater speakers and two TruAudio Trunami In-Wall Subwoofers. But you’d be hard pressed to see them - they’re cleverly hidden behind the TV and furniture.

TruAudio Ghost 8” In-Ceiling speakers provide whole house audio throughout the home. But again, you’d barely notice them because the Ghost speakers sport a magnetic grill with a mere 2 millimeter reveal and are color-matched to the decor for a clean, minimalist look.

Utilizing Control4’s D2Audio intelligent amplifier that produces 100 watts of clean, efficient power, the Ghosts provide a rich, full sound that is heard but not seen.

TruAudio Trunami In-Wall Subwoofer

The homeowner spends a lot of time in his home office and he wanted some great sound. Vision installed the TruAudio Trunami In-Wall Subwoofer to bring out the low-end sound that you normally can’t get from regular in-ceiling speakers. The homeowner liked that the Trunami was out of sight, up in the ceiling with a color matched grill.

8” Outdoor Rock speakers from TruAudio were used extensively outside the home with four surrounding the pool, two near the fire pit and two hidden around the playground.

TruAudio Rock Speakers in Landscaping

Easy Convenience

To make the homeowner’s Control4 system as user-friendly as possible, Vision added some nice little touches that the homeowner absolutely loves.

Here’s their top three:

  1. Water Main Automated Shut-off Valves: when the homeowner leaves for any length of time, automatic switches power down ice makers and the water heater in a Vacation Mode. They’ve already been through a fire - they sure don’t want to experience an unexpected flood.

  1. Suite Shut Down: All the suites in the home have a bathroom and TV. Three taps on the keypad as you leave the suite shuts off the TV, lights, and audio. This is the ultimate labor-saving device for those who can’t leave a room without feeling compelled to turn off every last switch.

  1. Remote Finder: Walk into any room, tap three times on the keypad and the remote in that area will beep. No more spending half your lifetime hunting for the elusive remote.

Happily Ever After

“Admittedly, this time around the home enjoys a far better engineered system. We designed it so it works from the very first day. It’s a great system, very convenient and easy for the owner to use,” states Brandon.

That’s why Vision enjoys working with Control4.

“We’ve been with Control4 from day one. They always give us a quick response. We’re never left hanging. When it comes to technology, there’s always going to be glitches. That’s why it’s great to always have somebody there to back you up,.” states Aaron.

They also appreciate the products and customer service they get from TruAudio.

“We’ve been partners with TruAudio for a long time. They have phenomenal speakers. Plus, they have great employees who respond quickly and go the extra mile for you. Because of them, we’ve always been able to satisfy the most demanding clients,” said Brandon.

In this instance, Vision Electronics was able to help a home owner recover from the devastation of a fire and in the process create a home that is beautiful, secure, convenient and extremely enjoyable!

Vision Electronics Control4 System

Jul 26

The TruPlug by TruAudio

Posted By
Todd Packard
2:05 pm MDT

Top Ten Reasons Why TruAudio’s TruPlug

Is BETTER Than The Best Banana Plug

The banana plug plays a fundamental role in the sound continuum from power source to speaker.

If the banana plug is loose, weak, or has a poor connection, then even the most expensive audio equipment will perform poorly.

That’s why TruAudio looked at the lowly banana plug and said, “We can do better.”

Introducing the TruPlug, a banana plug that has been engineered for superior sound connectivity.

Here are ten reasons why the TruPlug is better than the best banana plug out there:

One - The TruPlug Gap

When it comes to banana plugs - connectivity is absolutely crucial.

Most banana plugs have a screw that goes in till it meets flush with the outside casing. Then you’re left to ASSUME or HOPE that the screw is making a good connection with the wire. It may look pretty from the outside, but the connectivity on the wire inside is what’s critical.

The TruPlug screw has threads that go all the way to the inside connectivity point. But when it reaches that point, it leaves a gap on the outside casing.

In other words, the inside screw won’t stop threading until it comes in contact with your wire. By screwing in as far as you can - and seeing the TruPlug Gap - you are ASSURED of a solid connection with the wire.

Two - Just Two Parts

Some banana plugs have multiple moving parts. Each of those moving parts is a potential risk for connectivity failure. The TruPlug has just two working parts to give you the highest degree of connectivity.

Three - That’s Golden

We gave the TruPlug 100% gold plating both inside and out. This gives the TruPlug superior signal pass through - besides making it look cool.

Four - Pressfit Tip

Some banana plugs have a tip that screws into the housing. This can work itself loose over time, causing sound degradation. The TruPlug tip is press-fit or uni-welded into the housing for the absolute best connection.

Five - Spring Tension

Tips that have standard fluting are weak at their upper and lower extremes, are easily bent and can lose their spring over time - all resulting in poor connectivity. The TruPlug tip has spring tension which is stronger and maintains its shape ensuring superior connectivity over a longer period of use.

Six - Long Mushroom Flange

TruAudio also custom tooled an extra long flange on the TruPlug screw so mushrooming wire is fast and easy. It will also give you the best connection possible.

Seven - Side and Rear Entry

We’ve made the TruPlug versatile in a variety of ways. While some banana plugs come with side entry, some with rear entry, we’ve given the TruPlug both. Whatever the demands of your particular install may be, the TruPlug will help you meet them!

Eight - From Big to Small Wires

Part of the TruPlug’s versatility is its ability to accommodate all sizes of wire. The TruPlug will take wires as small as 22 gauge all the way up to a 10 gauge. The TruPlug is a true workhorse.

Nine - Shorter and Thinner

We know when it comes to installs, space is usually at a premium. We made the TruPlug shorter and thinner so it is easier to work with.

The TruPlug is shorter so you can get your installs tighter to the wall. The TruPlug is thinner so working with multiple plugs at the same time is easier. Hard to believe that you could fit all this connectivity and versatility in a little ol’ banana plug - but we did!

Ten - Custom Engineered by TruAudio

We designed the TruPlug. We engineered it. We created it. This is NOT your standard, off-the-shelf, me-too banana plug. You can’t get the TruPlug with all these benefits anywhere else.

The TruPlug by TruAudio

Another creation in the relentless pursuit of “The Sound of Innovation”

Jul 9

TruAudio Introduces New Line of Projection Screens

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Todd Packard
5:22 pm MDT

TruAudio Introduces New Line

of EPV Award-Winning Projection Screens

TruAudio is now offering a comprehensive line of award-winning Elite Prime Vision projection screens. Screens will include fixed-frame, motorized in-ceiling, floor-rising, curved, acoustically transparent and rear-projection screens.  

TruAudio introduces award-winning EPV projection screens

President Bryan Garner said, "We’re adding eighty-eight new sku’s in eight different projection screen categories that set a new price-to-performance benchmark for the industry!”

These EPV projection screens will include 8 different categories: standard fixed frame, fixed acoustic, fixed curve and motorized screens will include standard, in-ceiling, tension, twin and floor rising.

The fixed frame projection screens boast an HD 3.5” flat frame and a 4K curved frame model - a CEPro BEST Award winner. These cover the gamut of home theater room applications and are available in either a 16:9 HDTV or 2.35:1 Cinemascope aspect ratios and can be ordered with white, grey, acoustically transparent or rear projection screen surfaces.

The wall/ceiling electric products include tension-tabbed screens which are also available in multiple aspect ratios and screen materials. For in-ceiling applications, TruAudio has a Plenum-rated integrated solution that is fully compatible with home & commercial automation systems.  

These EPV screens also come with the industry’s best warranty and are very competitively priced. Now you can get projection screens in:

Fixed Standard

Fixed Acoustic

Fixed Curve

Electric Standard

Electric In-Ceiling

Electric Tension

Electric Twin

Electric Floor Rising

May 29

Intruder Wins Two Awards

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Todd Packard
5:06 pm MDT

Intruder Alert Garners Two Awards at Parade of Homes

To say it was a success is an understatement....

Intruder Alert Systems rocked the Greater San Antonio’s Builders Association Parade of Homes grabbing both the Realtor’s Choice award and the People’s Choice award!

Intruder’s five TV screen living room was a creative showstopper and featured a SLIM 300 soundbar as the centerpiece.

Their kitchen installation also featured TruAudio Ghost in-ceiling speakers throughout that “literally almost vanished in the ceiling,” boasted Mark Whitmire of Intruder Alert.

Attendees were excited to learn that they could get some of these cool audio and control systems without having to spend six figures.

Mark said they had several attendees who came up and said, “I want to work with you guys!”

Well, who wouldn’t want to work with an award winner?

May 23

Eve Wins aFrame Acoustic Art!

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Todd Packard
4:46 pm MDT

Eve’s Mom Rocks!

TruAudio is pleased to announce the winner of the Facebook “My Mom Rocks!” photo contest is Eve from Clifton, Idaho!

Eve submitted this picture of her mother, Margaret Andersen Wadsworth.

In 1940, Eve’s grandmother, a published poet, was having one of her poems featured in a magazine. The subject of the poem was prayer. The magazine wanted a picture to accompany the poem and Eve’s grandmother volunteered her two daughters as models.

A professional photographer was dispatched and took this picture of Margaret. She was seven years old at the time.

Congratulation to Eve - you win our aFrame Acoustic Art! Thanks so much to Eve and all those who participated in our “My Mom Rocks!” photo contest!

The aFrame Acoustic Art is truly unique. Now you can use your Bluetooth device and play your favorite music on a TruAudio sound system hidden inside your favorite piece of graphic art.

My Favorite Music

The aFrame comes with a high fidelity TruAudio stereo that is fueled by two 5” glass fiber woofers and two 5” glass fiber midranges for greater output. The aFrame also sports two 1” titanium tweeters that allow the aFrame to played at higher volumes without the listener experiencing ear fatigue.

My Favorite Art

Choose from the aFrame gallery of professional graphic art, photography or limited edition artwork at – or use your own image or artwork to create a personal aFrame. Your aFrame will be printed on an acoustically transparent material using inks that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and reproduce exceptionally bright hues for any type of artwork.

May 23

Webinar: Odd Shaped Room - Your New Revenue Stream

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Todd Packard
9:43 am MDT

TruAudio hosted a webinar on Odd Shaped Rooms presented by Matt Call of Simplified Acoustics:

1) How to assess the acoustic challenges of odd shaped rooms

2) How to address with speaker placement and acoustical enhancements

3) How to generate additional revenues while remaining bid competitive

For those who have further questions, please feel free to contact Matt Call ( or 317-520-2590)

Apr 19

The THIN-Ceiling Speaker

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Todd Packard
4:35 pm MDT

THIN-Ceiling Speakers Save the Planet

On Earth Day, and as a part of its “Going Green” month, TruAudio reintroduces the THIN-Ceiling speaker with its minimalist footprint and packaging that is both environmental and installer-friendly.

“We originally designed the THIN-Ceiling as a solution speaker for a shallow wall or obstructed install, and we gave it our patented Ghost grill so it has the smallest footprint of any 5” architectural speaker,” said Kary Wawrzyniak, Vice President of Technology. “Now, we’ve decided to take it that next step by giving it a complete eco-friendly package - and it benefits our installers at the same time!”

Most speakers come packaged in extensive amounts of styrofoam that is both hard to recycle as well as harmful to people and animals. TruAudio has removed all styrofoam from its THIN packaging. This has allowed TruAudio to reduce the overall size of the THIN box - further saving in cardboard and ink.

The THIN is in all ways minimal so installers won’t have a pile of boxes, paper and plastic to throw away after the install - showing clients their own commitment to go green.   

All cardboard and paper used in the THIN packaging is composed of recycled content. Wawrzyniak states that the next environmental iteration for the THIN will be the elimination of colored inks in its packaging and the movement to an online users manual to further reduce paper wastage.

Apr 15

The TruAudio Rock Speaker

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Todd Packard
2:43 pm MDT

TruAudio Rock Speakers

Live Long, Live Loud!

"I tell my customers when they balk at rock speakers that TruAudio's are different.

I tell them that these sound like tower speakers. You get good volume and good bass.

They don't believe me until they hear it. As soon as I turn it on, they go, 'Wow!'

I've had customers tell me it sounds like a big nightclub, the sound is so good.

Now I actually have customers recommending the rock speakers to their friends!"

Manuel Cordova, TruAudio Dealer

At TruAudio, we started with the rock’s interior components. Each rock speaker comes with a TruAudio high grade injected polypropylene driver. The injected poly was selected because of its even and consistent sound while also ensuring a long and dependable outdoor life.

We chose to use a top-of-the-line 1” Titanium tweeter in all of our TruAudio rock speakers. The titanium tweeter gives the rock a true-to-life dispersion of sound and has the unique ability to provide higher volumes of sound while lowering the listener’s ear fatigue. Titanium is also best suited for a variety of weather conditions.


To give customers the rich, full sound they expect from any speaker, we also focused on the cabinet. We designed their rock speaker with an extra-large resin cabinet that was tuned specifically to produce exceptional volume with a full range of sound. Each resin cabinet is also environmentally sealed to prevent corrosion and insect infestation.

The TruAudio Rock Speaker is built to last and sound wonderful for a very long time.

Live Long, Live Loud!

Apr 1

New Outdoor Birdhouse Speaker

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Todd Packard
8:49 am MDT

TruAudio Introduces Outdoor Birdhouse Speaker

ST. GEORGE---April 1, 2013—As part of its “Hands Grasping Feathers” initiative, TruAudio is unveiling a new line of outdoor birdhouse speakers.

“I’ve noticed that when I install outdoor speakers, many end up with a bird nest on top. I just figured If you can’t beat ‘em.... So, I suggested to TruAudio that they make an outdoor speaker that also functions as a bird house. And danged if they didn’t do it!” said Chris Zarndt of Las Vegas Home Theater. Zarndt became Head Creative Consultant with TruAudio in the development of the BRD-22 Outdoor Birdhouse Speaker.

The BRD-22 comes in a custom-designed cabinet made from UV resistant, ABS plastic that is both durable and homey in nature. TruAudio also developed its own ABS color - BRDdrop white - that will withstand years of weather abuse while providing discrete color matching for the occupant’s waste products.

The BRD-22 features a 6” injected poly woofer that is timbre-matched to the Yellow-throated Warbler - a breed largely considered to have the most ubiquitous of bird voices. And, in an innovative move, TruAudio opted to leave out a potential tweeter in exchange for increased living space.

“We figure if we’re going to all this trouble to provide them with a speaker and a home, the least a bird can do is tweet about it,” said Zarndt.

Mar 25

New Acoustiscape Landscape Speaker

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Todd Packard
2:34 pm MDT

TruAudio Introduces The Acoustiscape: